What is Artisan wine?

Here at Ground Juice, we call the wines we love "Artisan wines" because they are skillfully crafted by passionate winemakers, opposite to the industrially made ones produced in mass. All our wines are natural, organic, or biodynamic. With minimal products used in farming, they are better for you and better for the planet. They speak loudly of the terroir where the grapes are farmed and acknowledge the unique stories of people and vineyards.

All you need to know to embark on the journey with us

How it works

Choose a plan that suits your needs

All you have to do is to select a subscription plan that works for you. You can cancel (Pay-as-you-go only), pause or resume your membership directly on the website.

Three new bottles to discover every month

Every month we pick three bottles of wines from three different winemakers. They are a mix of Red and White wines (sometimes we will throw in a surprise!), with a combination of light, medium, or full body. They are perfect for immediate consumption and adapted to the season; think Rose for Summer and a full-bodied Red for Winter!

Reorder what you love

If you want more of a specific wine, head over to our a-la-carte store to reorder some more! As GJCC members, you will recieve a discount code to purchase at a members only price. These artisan wines are limited in quantity by nature due to their small production, so do not hesitate if you find something you love!

Why subscribe?

Value for money
In addition to FREE SHIPPING, you save 10-20% compared to the regular retail price when you subscribe and a members-only discount for a-la-carte purchases. You can even add these purchases to be shipped with your monthly boxes with no additional charges!

Risk-free discovery
You may be new to wine drinking or a regular drinker who wants to explore. Being in the GJCC is the perfect risk-free way to discover this new wave of artisan wines. You will taste a variety of cherry-picked wines by our specialist, who tastes over 100 wines from around the world monthly! So when we put a bottle of wine in your box, be assured that it is trialed and tested for guaranteed pleasure.

Become an expert of your taste
Receive a tasting note and the winemaker's story, serving suggestions, pairing, and purchasing tips with your monthly boxes. You will learn about wines not one but three bottles at a time! Become a very experienced drinker who knows your taste perfectly, slowly but surely.

Insider Perks
Be invited to all upcoming tasting events and enjoy GJCC members-only discounts for purchases in our online shop.