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Natural wine has been widely popular amongst the young crowd in Europe and the US for the past decade. These wines are nothing like the classic wines that are more prevalent in Hong Kong; they are friendly, approachable, fun, and absolutely delicious. The way of farming and winemaking is much more natural than classic wines, with low or no additives, attention to sustainability, and respect for the land. We want to offer these wines to Hong Kong to let drinkers know there is a better choice, for you and for our planet.

Here at Ground Juice, we celebrate the work of winemakers. Making great wines takes minimum human intervention and maximum attention to nature in the vineyards. They are whisperers of the land, listening to what the vines have to say, preserving the ecosystem so the vineyard can self-sustain. We call the wines we offer Artisan wines to include not just natural wines in our offer, as many great gems are organically and biodynamically produced following similar approaches. 

Knowing everything about wines and our Mother Nature is impossible, but one can always wonder. So we are putting them in monthly curated boxes to introduce you to these beautiful wines step by step. Be open-minded, be curious and enjoy a lot. We will hold your hands and be with you every step of this discovery journey!


KEVIN DAVY, Wine Consultant
The brain, the nose, and the taste buds behind our wine selection; a solid and passionate wine guy. Legend has it that he had his first glass of (watered-down) wine at the tender age of eight, at his grandfather's house back home in the South of France.

Hong Kong-based since 2013, working as a private sommelier, event organizer, and wine educator, he brought the wealth of knowledge he gained from working alongside some of the best wine experts in Paris. Some companies that have used his services in Hong Kong include a long list of luxury fashion brands, restaurants, private banks, and more.

Beyond Ground Juice, he's also a professional wine taster who reviews over 300 wines monthly. So rest assured that when a wine is selected, we know you will love it or at least learn something new from tasting it.

Kevin will be hosting GJCC tasting events to share his knowledge with you.

Learn more about Kevin here.


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